[Nautilus-list] Can't get to nautilus from anywhere but root

I've gotten 1.0.4 from Ximian on RH 7.1.

I can get Nautilus up if I log in (through gdm) as
root, but I can't get in through my regular account. 
If I try # run-nautilus from a user account I get the
following message (about 20 times):

Eel-WARNING **: GConf error:
  Configuration server couldn't be contacted:
 Error contacting configuration server: OAF returned
nil from oaf_activate_from_id() and did
not set an exception explaining the problem. Please
file an OAF bug report.

The details says something about not being able to
find Nautilus_shell.oaf in my LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  I
added the path to my .bash_profile file  (and the
Nautilus_shell.oaf file is world readable) but I still
get the same message.

Can anyone help me on this.  It's driving me nuts.


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