Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus on freebsd - questions on nautilus_application_startup

> Sorry my response took so long. I had (and still do have) a big
backlog of 
> Nautilus mail messages
no problem :-)
> I guess the key here is that it crashes. I don't think you've yet
> down where it crashes. All the "break" statement should do is
> control outside the loop to the if (kill_shell) down around line 577
> nautilus-application.c.

ok, i made a mistake, didn't get the point. of course this behaviour is

i continued my debugging and got a liitle further. nautilus calls
Nautilus_Shell_open_default_window(), but never returns from it. as
this code is really really ugly autogenerated code, i really don't know
what to do next about it. any ideas?

by the way, if i avoid the Nautilus_Shell_open_default_window() call,
nautilus complains that it has no viewer capable to display
.gnome-desktop - i hope this is a consequence of disabling the default
window and not our next problem... :-/


Klaus Herrmann <klaus herrmann gmx net>

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