Re: [Nautilus-list] Scripts: standard outputs??

Josh Steiner wrote:

Yes, I too have gotten into writing some nautilus oriented scripts.  It is
pretty fun.  Being able to output status info aboutthe script to the
nautilus status bar would be terrific.  I can't think off the top of my
head what I would want to send to the notes pane, but I imagine someone
else could.

I think that being able to write (brief!) output from scripts to the notes pane would be useful where you wanted some (semi-) perminant record of having done something, say a note that you have backed up on some day. There is obvious uses for the status bar for one-lines.

For more verbose output, being able to stream to Nautilus' text view would probably be good enough (if the "script manager"[?] put it up if any non-whitespace was recieved on that pipe). Though I would prefer if it only occupied half the main pane, in a pop-up-from-bottom manner -- it would be rude to hide this pane completely and automatically (thats more MS-style...)


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