[Nautilus-list] Re: selecting a new view even if the

On Wednesday, June 20, 2001, at 01:06  PM, Seth Aaron Nickell wrote:

This actually reminds me... We need a way of selecting a new view even if the default view crashes. Occasionally if I'm not careful when updating things I break the Mozilla view, and I know a few people have never gotten the mozilla view to work quite right (probably funky mozilla installations)...but its nice to still
have DAV available. Any thoughts on how one might provide this capability?
rather than displaying nothing when a view crashes we should do something like evolution and display a "view" that says "The View Failed to load, yada yada
yada". That way the user could select a new view from the view menu.

For cases where you have an icon that leads to a particular view, you can use Open With. But it's a good point that there's no equivalent for Open With when you type the location into the location bar.

    -- Darin

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