[Nautilus-list] Patch to fix Delete from trash tooltip

Ooops, forgot to send to the list

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On Mon 09, 15:58:23, Darin Adler wrote:
> On Sunday, July 8, 2001, at 02:32  AM, Benedikt Roth wrote:
> > May I commit?
> The patch looks OK, but I'd like a tiny bit more information about it. 
> What was wrong before? How does this change fix it? Does this fix make 
> tool tips work properly for all the various move to trash and delete menu 
> items?

I noticed the following problem:

* right click on an item in a normal directory
 -> The tooltip for 'Move to Trash' is 'Move each selected item to the Trash'
* go to the trash 
 -> The label of 'Move to Trash' is changed to 'Delete from Trash' but
    the tooltip is still 'Move each selected item to the Trash'
    because only the tip of the file-menu item (FM_DIRECTORY_VIEW_MENU_PATH_TRASH)
    has been changed to 'Delete all selected items permanently'.

By this patch the tooltip of the right click menu will also get updated. 
Additionally this new version will also use the same tip as specified in
nautilus-directory-view-ui.xml. Otherwise there would be an extra string to
translate without any effect.

? nautilus-delete-from-trash-tip.patch
Index: ChangeLog
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/nautilus/ChangeLog,v
retrieving revision 1.4679
diff -u -r1.4679 ChangeLog
--- ChangeLog	2001/07/08 05:45:19	1.4679
+++ ChangeLog	2001/07/10 10:35:22
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@
+2001-07-08  Benedikt Roth  <Benedikt Roth gmx net>
+	* src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c: (real_update_menus):
+	Fix the tip for the "Delete from Trash" item in the right-click menu
 2001-07-08  John Gotts  <jgotts linuxsavvy com>
 	* data/static_bookmarks.xml:
Index: src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/nautilus/src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c,v
retrieving revision 1.463
diff -u -r1.463 fm-directory-view.c
--- src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c	2001/07/05 23:16:54	1.463
+++ src/file-manager/fm-directory-view.c	2001/07/10 10:35:30
@@ -4043,7 +4043,7 @@
 	} else {
 		label = _("Move to _Trash");
 		accelerator = "*Control*t";
-		tip = _("Move all selected items to the Trash");
+		tip = _("Move each selected item to the Trash");
 		show_separate_delete_command = show_delete_command_auto_value;
@@ -4056,7 +4056,7 @@
 	nautilus_bonobo_set_tip (view->details->ui, 
 	nautilus_bonobo_set_sensitive (view->details->ui, 

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