Re: [Nautilus-list] first time druid

On 7 Jul 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Hi,
> Discovered that I didn't successfully eliminate all the Eazel Services
> stuff from the first time druid.
> Of the remaining pages, here are my views:
>  - user level page: maybe interesting, but I think 
>    the menu is obvious enough, especially for anyone who actually 
>    is advanced
>  - gmc transition: Nautilus should simply understand .desktop files, 
>    in fact it does and I'm hacking on a patch to do it better, 
>    so I don't think we should convert to nautilus link files.
>    (actually since .desktop files are somewhat standardized,
>    I think we should deprecate nautilus link files)   
>  - two eazel services pages should clearly go
>  - proxy configuration might be nice
> Is it worth having a druid that's just user level + proxy config?
> Or should we delete it entirely?
> I'd really tend toward removing the druid entirely, on the grounds
> that if we have anything we should have a GNOME-wide first time druid
> along the lines of the in Red Hat or doorman in
> Ximian.
> Opinions?

I love the idea of having just one first-time druid for GNOME (the
KDE2.2 betas have a nice thing along these lines), but we should
probably decide on some sort of project-wide solution rather than
leaving it up to Red Hat or Ximian. I'm thinking of myself here, frankly
-- I use Debian, which uses the stock GNOME packages; they lack any sort
of functionality along these lines. If the druid is to be removed from
Nautilus, it would be my hope that it would only be when a suitable
GNOME-standard first-time one was in place.


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