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I'd like to see these application icons removed and replaced with links
to configuration apps, such as Gnome Control Center, linuxconf, etc.
Also distributions could put their tools in there, ie. Mandrake could
put their control panel software. I think it just makes since because
the hardware view is there, the gimp and netscape icon have always
seemed out of place because of it. Ofcourse a user could do this
themselves but how many Nautilus users out there go ito the Nautilus
directory to launch the gimp? This is just an idea I had reading this

Keith COnger

PS. I have updated my Nautilus scripts on

On 05 Jul 2001 23:52:23 -0400, Louis Garcia wrote:
> Under Nautilus in your home directory there are such things as scripts,
> Computer, Gnumeric, etc. First the Services icon is still there, as of
> 1.0.4 all other eazel services stuff have been removed but this one.
> Second it would be better to change Netscape to Mozilla or at least
> check to see which one is on the system. Maybe it would be better to
> check to see if Gnumeric and Gimp and any other apps you want to put
> there actually exists on the system to. This way you don't have a
> hanging link. 
> Louis
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