Re: [Nautilus-list] mime warning

On Thursday, July 5, 2001, at 02:00  PM, Jens Ansorg wrote:

just found this in my .gnome-errors:

** WARNING **: No description found for mime type
"application/x-mrproject" (file is "mrproject-saved1.mrproject"), tell
aaron eazel com

I believe this means that this particular type is not in the gnome-vfs MIME database. It's strange that gnome-vfs was able to determine that the file's MIME type is "application/x-mrproject". One possibility is that this was a file on an HTTP server, because in that case we trust the MIME type that the server returns.

To add an entry in the gnome-vfs MIME database and deal with this, we just need a few pieces of basic info:

1) file type description in plain English, in style like the other descriptions in gnome-vfs/data/mime/ 2) information about which applications can edit or view files of this format 3) file extension and/or magic number information that can be used to recognize the file type

    -- Darin

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