[Nautilus-list] New release of Nautilus (1.0.4)

A new release of the Nautilus graphical shell and file manager is available. There have been many improvements since Nautilus 1.0.3 was released, mostly speedups and bug fixes.

Source code is available at the usual place in ftp.gnome.org (or will be once the next update happens).

Some items that are new in 1.0.4:

	Fixes to bugs and other changes to speed up Nautilus's
	display of new directories (Yoann, Darin, Maciej)

	FreeBSD compile fixes (Darin, Gene)

	Fixes to compile with C compilers that don't allow empty
	structures (Darin)

	Fix to the MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME setting code to make the Mozilla
	component work in more configurations. (peter ximian com, Darin)

	Make thumbnails always go in the home directory if "Make
	Folder Appearance Details Public" is set to Never (John,
	Michael Rothwell)

	Fixed a few small i18n problems. (Darin)

	Use Bonobo to handle additional key bindings, instead of using
	our own hack code. (Darin)

	Make default Web Search use google instead of the defunct
	Eazel search page. (Darin)

	Fix bug reading track info from MP3 files. (Jon K Hellan)

	Make News panel flash less. (Andy)

	Fixed bug in throbber destruction process (Darin, Owen)

	Added prelighting and tracking to the throbber (Anders, Darin)

	Use Control keys rather than Alt keys to move around in the
	file manager windows because Sawfish changed to use Alt again
	(John Harper)

	Fix MIME bug that might lead to the wrong default component
	getting used. This could have been what caused some people to
	get the text view instead of the web page view. (Darin)

	Fix problems typing non-ASCII characters on some systems
	(Johan Dahlin, Darin)

	Install IDL files for non-C component programmers (Johan
	Dahlin, Darin, Ramiro)

	Support trash on XFS volumes (Caleb J. Land, Darin)

	Updated lots of icons, including most of the ones in the
	classic GNOME theme (Ben FrantzDale, Seth Nickell)

	Updated quick reference, release notes, and user manual in
	help. (Dan Mueth)

	Obfuscate passwords in URIs in thumbnail directories.
	(Miguel Rodriguez Perez)

	Dumb down run-nautilus so it doesn't start Nautilus slowly.
	It is really obsolete (Darin).

	Get rid of Eazel home page and Eazel services in first-time
	druid (Havoc)

	Make standard view components hang around for 30 seconds,
	making it faster to use the same viewer repeatedly (Zbigniew

	Other bug fixes (Juan Pablo Mendoza, limval yahoo com,
	Frederic Devernay, Darin, Benedikt Roth, Andy)

Nautilus 1.0.4 does not have any new requirements beyond those for Nautilus 1.0.3. Unlike previous releases, you don't need a new gnome-vfs, librsvg, or eel. In addition, Nautilus no longer depends on ammonite or trilobite, since both of those were there to support Eazel services which no longer exist. There are bug fixes and improvements to Bonobo that make Nautilus work better, so Bonobo 1.0.7 or newer is recommended.

    -- Darin

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