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Of course it just begs the controversial 'what if you are 
still using gmc as your file manger?' question.

Anyway, this is George's territory so I defer to him :)

			See ya,
				Glynn ;)

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Alex Graveley wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm wondering if its possible to drop gmenu for Gnome 2 and replace it
> with a nautilus-based solution.
> This could be a matter of a nautilus window popping up to the
> /prefix/share/gnome/apps directory. Double clicking on a .desktop file
> (or maybe right-click->Edit) would pop up a dialog like the one
> displayed in the right-hand pane of gmenu. The folder right click menu
> could allow creation of a new launcher.
> The only issues I can think of are access to multiple directories
> (Global, Favorites, Distro, etc.), and display ordering.
> Multiple directories could be handled by adding an "Edit this menu" item
> to the right click menu of the Main/Programs/Favorites menus in the
> panel.
> Display ordering could hopefully be handled inline by the panel, ala
> Windows 98, but I have no idea how hard this would be to implement.
> Thoughts?
> -Alex
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