[Nautilus-list] Fwd: Fer de Lance, intelligence for the free desktop

>In our therms here at
>the newspaper we would say they lack meta information. For example Viper
>can easilly find images which shows architecture but were are the buildings?
>Who built them? When?

I would agree that this is a problem, and in the long run it will be necessary
to come up with consistent way of attaching the meta information to the data
files. For complex types of meta information, this would probably involve
associating the file with an entry in a database which contains the meta
information.  Since image files from most sources (digital cams, the web,
etc.) have no such association, perhaps Nautilus could create a context menu
entry for image and music files that would allow the user to easily add 
meta information to his/her files in a consistent way simply by right-clicking
on the file.  Nautilus would then bring up a form to be filled out and do the 
work of maintaining an entry in a database for the file.  Once the database is 
built up, searches could then also use the meta information to further narrow 
the search.

In terms of integrating such a feature into Nautilus, however, I think
the simple similarity search would be a pretty useful first step, even
with the lack of meta information.  The original post had indicated that
someone is already working on integrating this with KDE.  I'd hate to see
this get into KDE and not get into GNOME via Nautilus or some other
mechanism if Nautilus is not the best place for it.  I wish I could
help out with this, but I'm tied up with other projects at the moment so 
I'll have to content myself with making suggestions.


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