Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus user testing at MIT

Le jeu, 04 jan 2001 18:29:11, Calum Benson a écrit :
> Steven Hatfield wrote:
> > KDE2 gives me visual feedback in that the task bar shows
> an entry
> > for the application that is starting with a spinning
> disc next to it, and
> > then once the application is fully realized, the
> spinning disc turns into the
> > application icon. This is a great first step (for KDE2
> users, at least)
> We're working on implementing something along these lines
> for GNOME,
> too... they were trying to hammer out an architecture for
> it on one of
> the lists recently, but I don't know which one off-hand.

There are extensive discussions on this subject in the
gnome-gui list archive. You can look them up. This is a
difficult subject since the usual solution (hourglass) is
basiquely *WRONG* in a real multitasking environment.

I you want to try this solution I think someone wrote xalf
(?) was for you. Didn't try it myself.


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