Re: [Nautilus-list] web component not working

Miguel Rodríguez wrote:
> mike wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > I have finally compiled nautilus wth the following problem
> > Whenever I try to view a web page I get the following error
> > The webpage view encountered an error and cant contnue
> Try exporting MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME before running oafd. (It is
> automatically started when you run Nautilus). The run-nautilus script
> exports this variable automatically if you are running Debian, but it
> only works fine if oafd was not started before.
> Another possible reason could be that you are compiling Nautilus with a
> different version of g++ that the one Mozilla was compiled with.
> > Any one got any ideas
> > Mozilla works perfectly and I compiled with mozilla support
> >

All of the mozilla environment things are taken care of if you use the
mozilla RPMS.  If not, then you have to set some things yourself in the
environment.  All of this stuff is documented in the README file:

Can you run the nautilus-mozilla-content-view binary on its own ?  Can
you post a stack trace for the component failure ?


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