Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Performance

On 20 Feb 2001 11:08:10 -0800, Darin Adler wrote:
> on 2/17/01 4:04 PM, Stuart Maclean at smaclean ns sympatico ca wrote:
> > and another 25 seconds or so for the excessive CPU utilization to stop. Until
> > the CPU utilization stops, the window is pretty much un-responsive.
> The CPU utilization is Nautilus getting the top left text for the icons and
> the directory sizes. These can both be turned off in the Speed Tradeoffs
> part of Preferences.

Unfortunately, I have both of those features turned off (text in icons
and directory sizes) and am getting
this delay after the windows contents have been displayed.  So I wonder
what could be going on?
Is this perhaps a configuration problem? I am using the most current
nightly builds. 

> The problem where the window is "pretty much un-responsive" during this time
> is something that I haven't heard about before and haven't noticed in my own
> testing. Maybe you should write a bug report about it.

The reason the window is un-responcive is the excessive cpu utilization
by Nautilus when opening
a new window (note, that is after the windows contents have been

So, just to summarize this problem again:

When I open a new window (or change to a different directory), the
window's contents are displayed
and for a period of roughly 25 seconds after the contents are displayed,
there is a lot of CPU cycles 
being used by Nautilus.  The CPU utilization is so much so, that the
Nautilus window is un-responcive
until the CPU consumption stops. 

Should I file a bug report about this?


Stuart MacLean

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