Re: [Nautilus-list] A whole list of feauture requests and bugs


> I think we already have plans to do your
> > 
> > - Encrypted folders. There is a loopback encrypted filesystem in The
> > International Kernel Patch <>. It would be great if
> Nautilus
> > would pop-up a dialog asking for a password when such a partition is
> clicked.
> > It might even convince me to store my passwords on the Eazel server as a
> > backup.
> We were planning to add a feature for encrypting individual files at
> some point. That would be a lot simpler and more portable than
> encrypted folders, though I can see how it is les spowerful in some
> ways.

I find it scary that this feauture will be limitted to Gnome but it 'll do to
store passwords in. Aren't there problems with US export laws though?

> > - Converting file types. I believe that it is possible in Windows using
> > ZipMagic to rename a folder to and have it convert to a ZIP
> file.
> > It is also possible to access these ZIP files like normal folders using
> that
> > same program, but this is something GnomeVFS already offers. Such a
> feature
> > would be great IMHO, though you probably don't want to limit the
> functionality
> > based on the extension.
> This might be a good feature but I don't tink we want it to be based
> on renaming.

If the idea is to allow no extensions then you'll need to come up with a way
to change MIME types. Perhaps in the properties windows you could allow people
to edit it (not by using raw MIME types of course), if you were to do that
then you could present two buttons, one for forcefully changing the MIME type
and one for converting the file. Just a thought.

> > - The emblems are not accessible enough, right now I have to either go to
> the
> > "Edit" menu, click "Backgrounds and emblems..." and possible click
> "Emblems".
> > An alternative is to right click an icon, choose "Show Properties" and
> click
> > on the second tab. A better way IMHO would be to store the emblems in a
> side
> > panel.
> A sidebar panel of emblems is eminently doable; I think you probably don't
> want

Does that mean it's something that will be done or did something important get
cut off?

> > - Filters, in the location bar I would like to type /home/jdv/*.txt to see
> > only text files. Further it would be nice if the "Preferences/Folder
> > Views/Display" options were available at all time. I used to switch these
> > using the intermediate and advanced mode but its functionality seems to
> have
> > changed.
> A similar feature we are planning is adding wildcard support to the
> typeahead feature, so typing *.txt over the icon view would select all
> files ending in .txt.

Great! Though I'd also like other options like those in Ski/Preferences/Folder
Views/Display. e.g. I usually browse with hidden files invisible though
sometimes I need to see them. Going to the preferences dialog takes to long
for that and I end up using the console.

> > Some bugs I've encountered (please note that I'm running Nautilus 0.8 as
> it
> > comes with Debian and that I have X screen fonts of 100dpi which is
> probably
> > incorrect):
> > 
> Can you please file bug reports on all of these right away at
>, preferrably using the bugzilla helper?

I already did, though I didn't use bugzilla helper. I'll try that out next
time. The "tighter layout" was already confirmed and the "Reversed order" was
already fixed in HEAD.

> > - The tree panel still doesn't work (it didn't in 0.5 and it still doesn't
> > now).
> >
> Can you be more specific about this problem? In what way does it not
> work for you?

Everytime I try to enable the tree panel I get an error dialog box with the
titel "Sidebar Panel Failed". The text is "The Tree sidebar panel encountered
an error and can't continue. If this keeps happening, you might want to turn
this panel off."

But earlyer Seth Nickell explained:

This is a problem with the Debian packages. I don't know what Takuo (the
debian package maintainer) is changing from the norm, but I need to
examine the package source and figure out what's broken one of these

.. which is probably true, I never had this problem back when I was running

> On behalf of the Nautilus team, thanks for the praise, and thanks even
> more for the bug reports and feature suggestions.

Again, you're welcome ;).

>  - Maciej

Jonas De Vuyst.

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