Re: [Nautilus-list] Assertion failed errors

Dan Hensley wrote:
> I saw some posts today on some other lists about CRITICALs that show up
> from Nautilus, so I wanted to report one.  I can't remember when it
> started (maybe a week or two ago??), but I'm running a recent CVS (last
> few days), and I get hundreds and hundreds of the below message.  They
> continually spew out every second or so.
> Dan
> ** CRITICAL **: file nautilus-volume-monitor.c: line 343
> (volume_is_read_only): assertion `file != NULL' failed.
> ** CRITICAL **: file nautilus-volume-monitor.c: line 319
> (volume_is_removable): assertion `file != NULL' failed.

Hi Dan,

Could you please do the following:

Run Nautilus under gdb. 
When you hit this assertion, capture a stack crawl using bt.
Write up a bugzilla bug for this.
Paste the stack crawl into the bug report.



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