[Nautilus-list] remove first-time run nautilus wizard?


I'm wondering what's others opinion about removing nautilus first-time
run wizard? There are only 2 screens there (besides first and last,
which have only the option to continue)

* choose level of experience (beginner, int., adv.)
	Can it default to beginner ? It can easily be changed later
	with 2 clicks : Preferences -> level

* connect to the internet and check for updates
	Does every vendor modify this to point to his website? Why
	don't let the user use vendor tools for updating? (red hat
	update, red carpet...). In case of connecting to the internet,
	does the code specify what tool to launch to configure internet
	access (in case it's dialup...)
* I think there was a screen asking to migrate from gmc to nautilus
(I didn't got this when testing now with a new account). Shouldn't
this be automatic, without asking?


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