Re: [Nautilus-list] preferences

Ramiro Estrugo wrote:
> Havoc: this should kill the startup time hit you were talking
> about before, since it completely avoids the dumb gconf daemon traffic
> at init
> time.  The info for visiblities and default values is now stored in the
> eel preferences table which has to be initialized and maintained by each
> nautilus process that wants to use preferences.  A possible improvement
> to this would be to use schemas somehow.  Im not planning to hack on
> that, though.
> This change causes no binary or source compat problems for Nautilus.
> -re

Im not sure what you are doing about moving fixes into your RH branch,
but if you do take this fix, make sure you look at the latest
eel-preferences.[ch] eel-gconf-extensions.[ch] cause of a storage leak i
just fixed.


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