Login Wizard (was RE: [Nautilus-list] Re: URLs fixed, some Eazel removed)

>Anyhow, I don't think we should have a first-login wizard unless we
>have questions that really need asking that users really have the
>information to answer.

I suggested many moons ago on the evolution list (back before nautilus and
long before I had any knowledge of what lists were for what, so quite awhile
ago...), a first login wizard for new users, however the idea was
significantly different from the current embodiment.  (I believe the subject
or body had the word interviewer if someone wishes to look it up.)

Essentially it would ask the user what environments they were coming from
and what common software they may have used and the profession they were
in/using the computer for.

Then it would suggest the potential for using a set of default keybindings
that matched the users past experience.  And point out applications that
would likely be useful for accomplishing the individuals work.

When an application was started, it might point out the significant
differences and similarities between this software and what they've used

This would help new users get up to speed and productive much more quickly.

A sister idea to this concept was a 'A Quick Start Guide' similar to the
laminated course sheets that can be purchased at colleges, that give a
summary of all of key information and concepts.

If the user were given the option of printing one on the first use, they
would have a handy reference for which it would be easy to find most of what
they want quickly.

Since the above two devices could substantially drop retraining time/cost,
businesses might be much more interested in migrating to the Linux platform
for business use...

Tom M.
TomM Pentstar com

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