Re: [Nautilus-list] some patches

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes: 
> Looks OK now that I understand gnome-vfs was changed to make this
> fast. Please commit.

Someone here pointed out that the "fast trash" patch may not actually
be in gnome-vfs yet, so maybe we want to hold off. (I can go ahead and
commit fast trash to gnome-vfs though - I don't remember if we posted
that one to gnome-vfs list yet... I know we got clearance to add the
start here vfs module thing.)
I'll append the fast trash patch for reference. It's another
#if0-that-should-be-deletion patch I guess.

> Patching the theme to be "redhat" is not appropriate. On the other hand, changes to the
> default theme to make it more "vanilla" might be OK. The default theme was at least in
> part determined by politically charged discussions between designers at Eazel before. I
> am a little frustrated to have a "default", "GNOME", and "redhat" theme.

Yeah, would be nice to fix, but a hard topic to get consensus on. A
couple people have filed Red Hat bugs "your theme sux, too boring" ;-)

We really want a simple, clean, fast default though. Well, I do
anyhow, there's some controversy. ;-) But I made the RH theme patch so
I decided to do it this way.

I really like the Classic Mac sort of uncluttered look, without visual
distractions from what I'm doing. I guess I may be a freak.

In any case, we are probably willing to live with e.g. a pixmap
background in the sidebar for the sake of upstream consistency, but we
really wanted the GNOME-coordinated toolbar/desktop icons, rather than
the default Nautilus icons that don't match.


--- gnome-vfs-1.0.1/modules/file-method.c.notrashscan	Tue Jul 24 19:36:05 2001
+++ gnome-vfs-1.0.1/modules/file-method.c	Tue Jul 24 19:36:19 2001
@@ -1164,6 +1164,11 @@
 	result = find_trash_in_one_hierarchy_level (start_dir, near_device_id, 
 		&next_directory_list, context);
+#if 0
+	/* This is a very, very bad idea for NFS volumes, and perhaps so
+	 * for all volumes.
+	 */
 	for (level = 1; result == NULL && level < MAX_TRASH_SEARCH_DEPTH; level++) {
 		gnome_vfs_list_deep_free (current_directory_list);
@@ -1184,7 +1189,8 @@
 	gnome_vfs_list_deep_free (current_directory_list);
 	gnome_vfs_list_deep_free (next_directory_list);
@@ -1488,6 +1494,9 @@
 	result = NULL;
+	result = try_creating_trash_in (disk_top_directory, permissions);
+#if 0
 	/* Point at the last directory in the top directory path */
 	scanner = strrchr (disk_top_directory, G_DIR_SEPARATOR);
 	g_assert (scanner != NULL);
@@ -1524,12 +1533,16 @@
 	if (result == NULL) {
 		/* full_name_near must be the top of the disk hierarchy, we have to create a Trash in it
 		 result = try_creating_trash_in (full_name_near, permissions);
 	return result;

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