Re: [Nautilus-list] Viewing PHP files in Nautilus

On 21 Aug 2001 14:01:14 -0700, Darin Adler wrote:

> The tables that guess MIME types for local files are part of gnome-vfs. 
> The entry for php says that any file with a .php, .php3, or .php4 
> extension should have MIME type of application/x-php (in gnome-vfs.mime) 
> and any file that has the string "<?php" near the start of the file should 
> have MIME type application/x-php (in gnome-vfs-mime-magic). It's simple to 
> correct that if it's wrong. If application/x-httpd-php is the correct MIME 
> type, we can switch to that. I'm not sure where the existing MIME type 
> came from. Where can I find some reference information that documents this 
> MIME type?

When I said "should" be application/x-httpd-php I may have been
overstating the case. What I should have said is that's what's in

> The simplest solution would be to define a text/* MIME type for .php files,
>   since the application/* MIME types seem to be in error. This is practical 
> if there's no important standard for the MIME types of .php source files 
> already. But your message implies that there's an already existing 
> application/x-httpd-php MIME type that is a standard that we'd benefit by 
> following, so we might be out of luck.

Well I guess it depends on how definitive a guide what apache does is.

While we're on the subject I've just noticed that there is no entry for
*.js files (javascript files). Again, Apache maps that to
application/x-javascript but, from what you've just said, if I set that
in the GNOME Control Centre I'll lose the ability to view them in
Nautilus's text viewer.

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