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On Tuesday, August 21, 2001, at 12:33  PM, Havoc Pennington wrote:

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes:
1) Is it OK to not see the "manage desktop" switch at all in preferences if Nautilus
is invoked this way and not already running?

The question I have here is "how do you turn the desktop back on"?
The natural thing is to run Nautilus from the menu, then go to prefs.
If you aren't managing the desktop then you don't normally have
Nautilus in your session, most likely. So to re-enable the desktop you
have to go to preferences.

I agree that if you aren't managing the desktop, and then invoke Nautilus from the menu, you'd want to have a switch in Preferences to let you turn it on.

That was the intent of the oiginal design, but perhaps we were a bit too naive about how session management works. We had wanted it to work so that if you turned on "manage the desktop", Nautilus would take care of arranging to be running all the time, and if you turned it off, Nautilus would arrange things so that it wouldn't be running all the time. Thus you wouldn't have to do any direct tweaking of the session management settings.

But we didn't consider things like the "save current session" switch when you log out, and our implementation has seemed to be the source of problems for Nautilus users, including the bug where Nautilus constantly started up and quit. I hope that bug's fixed now, but I'm not 100% sure. Every time I see a user explain that you need to edit the session manager settings, I get the sense that our design failed.

    2) Is it OK to remember the old setting of "manage desktop" and
use that the next time Nautilus is invoked? The original idea was
that at session startup time you would run "nautilus
--no-default-window" which will manager the desktop if the
preference is on and do nothing otherwise.

I would expect that to be fine. i.e. I see no real reason why running
"nautilus --standalone-mode" or whatever should permanently toggle the
desktop setting. In fact it shouldn't, because if you use KDE first
and look at help in a GNOME app, then log in to GNOME for the first
time, we need to manage the desktop.

Great, that's exactly why I made "--no-desktop" work that way in the first place.

Thinking about this more, I think the best option is to leave the
.desktop file is, don't add any options, but make Nautilus able to
detect that the desktop is already managed and then avoid managing it.
Also, we can set the new WM spec hint for "I am a desktop window" on
the desktop window so kwm doesn't cover the KDE panel.

To detect that the desktop is already managed, for the short term we
use a cheesy hack "is KDE running", precise content of said hack to be
determined, for the long term we define a real mechanism (ownership of
the "desktop manager" selection, same as the window manager selection
in the ICCCM).

That sounds like a really nice "do the right thing" approach to me.

    -- Darin

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