Re: [Nautilus-list] RedHat branch merging?

Darin Adler <darin bentspoon com> writes:
>      2) The changes need to be "stable" and "ready" from the point
> of view of the hackers at Red Hat before merging. This probably
> means waiting until Red Hat has released Nautilus with the changes
> in it -- ironic, since my review could help them spot mistakes in
> those changes!

Yeah, I would love to have you look at the stuff for this reason.  We
kind of screwed up in not posting all the patches to the list, and now
we are doomed because the patch is too big to post until someone has
time to go through and create postable chunks (which will be
post-release, or at least during a hard-core codefreeze).

I think the branch started out as more of a scratch area, and we
weren't necessarily expecting to get Start Here and all that upstream.
On the good side, I think we did bring up a lot of the changes for
discussion, but not the final patches.  Can do better next time I

The "work from a CVS branch for RH package" is kind of new for us;
usually we work with specfile patches only. However that results in
the kind of unmaintainable doom we have for gnome-core right now.

So Nautilus is kind of playing guinea pig here, hopefully we can learn
from it. I would like to get all the gnome-core disaster merged after
this release, and maybe try to use a branch for gnome-core next time
as well.

Some maintainers may find the branch approach annoying, if so then we
can keep using the spec file patches with those packages.

>      3) I *really* want these changes rolled in before we start to port Nautilus to
> GNOME 2, and I'd like to start doing that relatively soon.
> I would even like any Red-Hat-specific hacks in the master sources
> too, with ifdefs around them, but I'm not sure about whether others
> in the community think this is a good idea.

I don't think we have more than a few lines of RH-specific, assuming
you want Start Here upstream. All I can think of is that the Support
menu item points to Red Hat.

Perhaps the fact that our boring theme is on by default, also, but
that's just one line too.


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