Re: [Nautilus-list] Audio App for Nautilus/Gnome 2.0

On Thursday, August 16, 2001, at 01:13  AM, peter foley wrote:

was wondering if any decision has been made as to what audio app
Nautilus will use for mp3 playback for the 2.0 project?

ESD has problems on Solaris, and i do not want to log bugs against ESD
if is gonna be removed for the 2.0 project...also who would the mp3
func. owner be for 2.0, or has this not been decided....?

Right now we don't really have "func. owners" for various parts of Nautilus. There are just a few regular contributors, and we have our hands full just dealing with the crises and patches that are contributed. For all of Nautilus, you can pretty-much assume that the current sources are what's planned for the upcoming version. The only thing we're definitely changing is porting from the GNOME 1 platform to the GNOME 2 platform.

We're accepting patches to improve any part of Nautilus, though. So if someone wants to improve the MP3 support, I'm ready and willing to help him or her get changes into shape for the Nautilus code base.

That having been said, Maciej seems to be doing some work on the music view lately.

    -- Darin

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