[Nautilus-list] problems with Trash

Currently, if you create a new user and start nautilus, it does not have
a ~/.Trash directory.  This is created when you do a
gnome_vfs_find_directory with the create_dir argument TRUE.
Unfortunately, when you drag an icon over the trash for the first time
(and you haven't actually selected Move to Trash, or explicitly moved it
there) this isn't done, and the drag fails.  Here is a small patch to
eel to fix this:


--- eel-1.0.1/eel/eel-dnd.c.maketrash	Tue Aug 14 19:46:18 2001
+++ eel-1.0.1/eel/eel-dnd.c	Tue Aug 14 19:46:27 2001
@@ -284,7 +284,7 @@
 	/* Check for trash URI.  We do a find_directory for any Trash directory. */
 	if (eel_uri_is_trash (target_uri_string)) {
 		result = gnome_vfs_find_directory (NULL, GNOME_VFS_DIRECTORY_KIND_TRASH,
-						   &target_uri, FALSE, FALSE, 0777);
+						   &target_uri, TRUE, FALSE, 0777);
 		if (result != GNOME_VFS_OK) {
 			*default_action = 0;
 			*non_default_action = 0;

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