Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Performance Analysis

Ok next piece

This is a time history of nautilus based on looking at open calls to guess
the phases of its operation

00:38:16.7	I start it up
00:38:16.9	It finishes loading its main library set
00:38:16.89	It reads orbitrc, 
00:38:16.91	It parses .gnome
00:38:16.92	Locate processing begins and other config bits
00:38:17.1	We open vfs stuff
00:38:17.5	We start scanning /usr/share/mime-info
00:38:17.62	We finish mime processing
00:38:17.8	We begin berserkely reopening fstab a lot for 0.2 of a second
00:38:18	Mixture of random file accesses and loading of icons like
		search increment and decrement
00:38:18.7	We load mtab and look at /proc/meminfo
00:38:18.71	We load the mime-info files
00:38:18.73	We begin loading fonts
00:38:19.2	We finish loading fonts and start loading sidetab pieces
00:38:19.32	We touch bonobo moniker for the first time
00:38:20.68	We load th euser level pixmaps (novice, expert,..)
00:38:21.7	We load the text selection frame
00;38:21.83	We load the static bookmarks 
00:38:22.4	We load the text selection frame again
00:38:22.42	We begin looking in gnome-desktop
00:38:23.08	We open the bookmark png (twice)
00:38:23.35	We load the users boomarks
00:38:23.39	We reload the static bookmarks
00:38:23.5	We poke at the cdrom
00:38:23.9	We open the directory-view-ui xml
00:38:24.26	We load the novice,intermediate,expert bits again
00:38:24.29	We load the icon view ui xml
00:38:24.44	And again we load novice,intermediate, expert
00:38:24.59	We load the i-directory png
00:38:24.6	We load the application registry and begin loading images
00:38:26.0	We finish a big batch of loading
00:38:26.0	We load icon-view-ui then images
00:38:26.24	We load gnome.xml
00:38:26.42	We load i-regular 
00:38:26.52	We open the metadata db and begin loading mime info (again)
00:38:26.54	We poke in gnome desktop for Trash
00:38:26.63	We load starthere and that seems to be the end of that block
00:38:26.89	Next open is gnome-compressed.png
00:38:26.90	We do a user lookup
00:38:27.0	That completes and we load i-executable and gnome-text-html
00:38:27.11	We do a user lookup
00:38:27.29	That completes and we open i-regular.xml again
00:38:27.31	We do a user lookup
00:38:27.34	We load more png files including i-regular.xml again
00:38:27.60	We do a user lookup
00:38:27.77	It finishes we load i-regular.xml again
		This repeats until 
00:38:31.3	We start opening thumbnails
00:38:31.72	Password lookup
00:38:31.74	Password lookup
00:38:31.75	Back to thumbnails
		This repeats with some icons and thumbnails until
00:38:44.65	When the load completes and we start polling the CD

Typically we load maybe 6 icons/thumbs max per user lookup

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