Re: [Nautilus-list] CVS compile

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 03:31:24AM +1000, Chris Heywood wrote:
> hey guys,
> was trying to compile CVS nautilus (haven't for a while) and came across
> an error with HAVE_STDLIB_H being redefined..  any help would be
> appreciated =)

It looks like extreme stupidity from libjpeg. Distributed autogenerated
headers that reflect system configuration is dumb for many many reasons. I
don't see an easy work around. Perhaps if theres a way to disable that
particular warning or at least make that warning non-fatal. Or we could
check if that autoconf #define is actually used by Nautilus anywhere...
Or we could simply #undef it before the #include... So many bad solutions
to chose from :-(
> machine is a debian sid box.  librsvg, eel from CVS (1-0 branch).

Most Nautilus developers use RedHat so they're probably lagging behind a
few library versions (or perhaps since this is autogenerated its different
on RedHat systems). I use Debian but I haven't build Nautilus for a while.
> todo with the newer thumbnailing code if libjpeg is installed I assume
> or something?

I remember someone supplied some faster jpeg thumbnailing code a while ago.
I assume its from that.


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