Re: [Nautilus-list] throbber out-of-process

On 03Aug2001 06:13PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
> "Tom Musgrove" <TomM pentstar com> writes:
> > I've been following a discussion on the KDE developer mailing list with the
> > thread name
> > 
> > Faster startups by fixing C++ object files before linking
> > 
> > I've included some of the relevant messages below, can a similar change be
> > made with Gnome?
> > 
> This wouldn't be a GNOME or KDE change, it's a Linux system-level
> change.
> The current Red Hat beta contains a prelinking setup, edit
> /etc/prelink.conf then run "prelink -a" - it's a bit more of a real
> fix rather than the cute hack posted on the KDE lists.
> Apparently it is not all that useful for C programs however.

OS X has a prelinking setup that's used mostly on C and Objective C,
and it's supposed to have reeally dramatic effects on startup time. I
wonder what's different here that you don't see much benefit for C,
especially given someone's measurements a while back that a very large
chunk of GNOME application startup time is spent in the dynamic

 - Maciej

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