Re: [Nautilus-list] throbber out-of-process

>    We have hit a wall on improving this, because the available
>    profilers simply suck too much. We need something that can give a
>    multiprocess/multithread view of what is going on.  The profiles we
>    can get are just jumbles of assorted small stuff. Sadly a decent
>    profiler and a platform it will run on is really expensive.

Have we talked to Sun about this? Given that they almost certainely
*have* the software (Quantify) and hardware (big burly UltraSparcs with
loads of RAM) to do this sort of would be to their
advantage and ours if they could give us some time on them so we could
fix these issues. Perhaps this could be brought to the attention of John
Heard? I know Glynn was supposed to be working on performance issues,
but they might get some free engineering work on this stuff if they just
provided access to the machines ;-) 

I've pretty much given up working on this from university machines
because my build directories get blown away every couple of days and I
don't have the time to sink into this all at once.

(Darin, the sparc / rationale tools got auctioned off, right?)


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