Re: [Nautilus-list] throbber out-of-process

Hi Havoc,

       Yes, the point of the throbber is to show that Nautilus is doing
work, but the in-process throbber was showing a level of detail that was
pretty confusing to the ordinary user - whether or not Nautilus is
unblocked enough to run the main loop.   The in-process throbber seemed
to sputter erratically, to the point that Bud Tribble and others
considered it to be one of Nautilus' worst usability problems.

        I agree it would be best to have Nautilus and its underlying
libraries block infrequently enough to use the in-process throbber.
Before implementing the component version last December, I tried to fix
the worst blockages but wasn't able to; I also recall Maciej giving it a

       Why don't we try running it in-process again to see if we think
it's acceptable nowadays?  If it still sputters too much we can always
switch back.

-- Andy

Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Hi,
> The rationale I've heard for having the throbber out-of-process is so
> that it keeps throbbing when Nautilus is locked up.
> However, isn't the point of a throbber to show that Nautilus is doing
> work? So if it's stuck then the throbber _should_ lock up, right? And
> Nautilus doesn't get stuck nearly as much as it used to.
> Just wondering if we can in-process this and trim a bit of excess
> overhead.
> Havoc
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