[Nautilus-list] sidebar text color, random crash bug


Probably saw this on cvs-commits-list, but:

2001-08-01  Havoc Pennington  <hp redhat com>

	* eazel-logos/default.xml: hang on - is this the default theme for
	nautilus, or is the below file the default theme for nautilus? 
	anyway, make same change to remove title colors.

	* icons/default.xml: don't hardcode the title, title info, and
	shadow colors; this prevented the auto-color-selection stuff
	in nautilus-sidebar-title.c from working properly.
	And the hardcoded values were the same thing the autoselector
	would have chosen anyhow.

	* libnautilus-private/nautilus-directory-metafile.c
	(get_metafile): print error and exit if we fail to open the
	metafile factory; somewhat cleaner than segfaulting.

The first change is that the default theme hardcodes the color for
the sidebar text, which means a nice default color won't be selected
for any other theme. e.g. we have a gray color in our Red Hat theme
and the white hardcoded by the default theme would be inherited.
There's no way to "unset" something in a theme AFAIK, if the default
theme includes it. So this change removes the hardcoding and lets the
runtime autoselection take effect.

The second change is that get_metafile() tends to fail, I have no idea
why, but it's nicer to crash and print the CORBA error than it is to
segfault. This is the second such "let's just assume this CORBA stuff
works" I've fixed, I suspect there are others. ;-) The failure here is
the usual reason why I see the sidebar tab components failing. So it
would be nice to figure out the real problem.


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