Re: [Nautilus-list] Using drag and drop to copy files in Nautilus?

On Monday, July 30, 2001, at 08:43  PM, Benjamin Kahn wrote:

Take two -- this patch applies a little better, and it fixes a problem
with dragging files to the desktop.  (It would create a link file first
and then try to copy the file.  This would popup a warning dialog during
every drag.)

What I said earlier to Jonathan was wrong. Let me try to explain the situation.

Right now, the code to handle dropped icons is in nautilus_icon_container_receive_dropped_icons. This is incorrect, design-wise, because the icon container is not supposed to be file manager specific. The code should be in FMIconView or FMDirectoryView (FMIconView'
s superclass).

The code to handle dropped lists of URIs was accidentally never written! Instead the icon container sends a handle_uri_list signal. This is a good idea, because it goes in the direction of putting the code in FMIconView or FMDirectoryView, but it's silly to do it right with a signal for URI lists, and to hard-code it for gnome icon lists. So I recommend we get rid of the unused signal for now and add more code to nautilus-icon-dnd.c to handle the URI list case, based on what nautilus_icon_container_receive_dropped_icons does.

There seems to be a separate problem for the list view. In eel-list.c, eel_list_drag_data calls eel_drag_build_selection_list for both the gnome icon list type and the URI list type. The eel_drag_build_selection_list assumes the icon list format. Of course, the code that knows about file manager details should not be in Eel, since it really belongs in FMListView or FMDirectoryView, not EelList at all.

I'd like to see another try at fixing this that shares more of the existing code instead of writing so much new code.

    -- Darin

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