Re: [Nautilus-list] Re: [Help] Help !!!

> > 1) PowerMac G4 (400 Mhz) with : LinuxPPC 2000 Q4
> > 2) PowerBook 2400/180 with : LinuxPPC 2000
> >
> > There is the way to install Nautilus on this machines ??

Nautilus might run a little slow on the 2nd machine (should run great on
the other). The bad news is that nobody (that I know of) has created
RPMs for the PPC architecture. I would expect the next version of
LinuxPPC to contain Nautilus, since GNOME 1.4 contains Nautilus (as well
as RH 7.1, which I believe LinuxPPC is still based upon). I know of a
few people who successfully run Nautilus on PPC, so it can be done, but
you still need to compile yourself (unless you use Debian) if you don't
want to wait.



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