Re: [Nautilus-list] XG 1.4 vs. Nautilus snapshots

> After installing Xmian Gnome 1.4 I can not longer run Nautilus hourly
> builds.
> I just verified:
> removed nautilus-hourly, installed Ximian Gnome Nautilus:
> Nautilus works
> update nautilus wit the current hourly build:
> (updating all rpms, from GConf to xml-i18n)
> Nautilus stops with this error:
> "OAF could not locate the Nautilus_shell.oaf file ..."

Personally, I'm running RedHat 6.2 with XG 1.4 with the Evolution and
Nautilus snapshots. Everything works for me - however I did install
everything from RPMs without these new-fangled poncy GUI tools - straight
rpm for me!

Maybe the installer broke something...


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