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The current support for scripts is very simple. There are no requirements
put on the scripts at all except (1) they are executable, and (2) they are
in the Scripts folder. There is no separate file that controls any aspect of
the scripts (Snaggen might have run into .nautilus-metadata.xml, which
stores metadata in each Nautilus directory, but has nothing specifically to
do with scripts). So the scripts can be in any language your computer knows
how to execute (perl, bash, python, etc.), and passing them around to other
people requires only sending the script files.

It would be nice to add support for localization, MIME filtering, etc. It
would especially be nice to add these in a way that doesn't make creating or
sharing scripts more difficult.


on 4/25/01 4:18 AM, Vlad Harchev at hvv hippo ru wrote:

> On 25 Apr 2001, Mattias Eriksson wrote:
> Hi, 
> Please look at the support for user menu in Midnight Commander. It uses some
> useful predictates to decide which menu items to to show (but yes, menu titles
> are not translatable there too, alas). The other drawback of MC is inability
> to have several files that define scripts - i.e. MC reads onyly one file for
> definitions of menu items, but it's better to read all files with some
> extension in some subdirectory (this is a packager dream).
> So, please design support for scripts in a proper way, and not as stupid
> and broken as Microsoft would do it.
> Best regards,
> -Vlad
>> I was looking at tigert's scripts just to get an idea about the script
>> function. When he showed me the scripts at guadec we talked about that
>> it would be nice to have the script menu to be mime aware, it doesn't
>> make much sence to rotate a tar.gz file 90 degrees ;)
>> When I look at the current implementation I see that the scripts are
>> just placed in the Nautilus/scripts directory and the menu name of the
>> script is the actual script name. In that directory I find a file that
>> contains meta info about all the scripts. This solution has some
>> problems, first it's impossible to translate the script name and it's
>> also hard to make it mime aware. I would like to see a simmilar file
>> format as the .desktop format, I don't think that the .desktop format
>> would support mime types very good so I think it would have to be a new
>> one. That way all the meta info about a script is in one file, the
>> scripts can be located anyware in the PATH. It's easy to make
>> translations and specify mime-types for each script. And one very
>> important thing, it's still easy to add scripts.
>> what do you think, am I way off again as usual ;)
>> //Snaggen
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