Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus Themes

A couple questions about nautilus themes:

1. I know everyone at Eazel is overworked, but is there any chance of a
document describing everything that Nautilus can theme?  When I was
giving Ben some suggestions to try with his Gnome-1.4 theme, we had to
poke around to see what was possible (like changing the trash icon).  It
might help lower the barrier to entry a bit.

2. Is there a reason that Nautilus installs themes into
/usr/share/pixmaps/nautilus, rather than something like
/usr/share/nautilus/themes?  It seems a bit odd that there isn't a theme

(Ideally, for gnome 2 or beyond, it should just be /usr/share/themes,
and then subdirs for gtk, nautilus, and sawfish, and anything else with
themes.......that seems like it would make more sense)

Anyway, I just thought that I'd throw those out there. ;-)


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