Re: [Nautilus-list] What is gconfgtk?

on 4/22/01 3:16 PM, Dan Hensley at dan hensley home com wrote:

> I decided to try compiling Nautilus HEAD today, since that appears to be
> what Nautilus 1.0.3 is based on, and naturally found a bunch of
> dependencies (eel, pkgconfig, gnome-common) that I didn't need for
> nautilus-1.  Unfortunately gnome-vfs autoconf fails for gnome-vfs,
> saying that it couldn't find gconfgtk.  Where can I get this, and what
> is it?  I tried ./configure --disable-platform-gnome-2 in the wild hope
> that it could get around this, but it didn't.

Gconfgtk is part of the gconf module. But the error that says it can't find
gconfgtk is more likely some other problem, as I assume you have the right
version of the gconf module built and installed.

    -- Darin

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