Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus 1.0.3 (possibly 1.2?)

On 22 Apr 2001 10:03:43 -0700, Darin Adler wrote:
> on 4/22/01 9:35 AM, Darin Adler at darin eazel com wrote:
> > I think I've heard enough "pro" arguments for calling it 1.2. Any "con"
> > arguments for calling it 1.0.3?
> Sorry, a misunderstanding. I wasn't clear.
> I meant that I've heard enough arguments about why calling it Nautilus 1.2
> is better than calling it Nautilus 1.0.3.
> Any arguments about why calling it Nautilus 1.0.3 is a better choice than
> calling it Nautilus 1.2?
>     -- Darin

Upping the minor version number suggests heavily increased
functionality.  Although some would argue that Nautilus *does* have
heavily increased functionality, I do like the "under-promise,
over-deliver" idea.  It's a dumb consideration, but it might be worth
considering what flak Eazel would get from the slashdot crowd if you
choose to call it 1.2.  Somehow other media organizations feel that
slashdot people are actually rational, and quote them in real articles.
I'd be fine with either one....the only thing that bothers me would be
inflating the major version number.


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