Re: [Nautilus-list] "news" sidebar panel

> Does this mean that there will not be an RSS viewer on the desktop.  I had
> seen this in an article just after 1.0 was released.  I was really looking
> forward to having icons on the left side and RSS icon-like displays on the
> right side of the desktop.

     The "news" sidebar panel doesn't mean that I've given up on having rss
views on the desktop or in any directory.  But that depends on getting the
icon component work done, which still faces a number of difficult design
issues.  The icon component stuff is much broader than the rss views that
were being used to demonstrate it, and will probably mature later in the
year, but I thought that doing an rss sidebar panel now was a way to get the
functionality out there in a useful way quickly, for Nautilus 1.0.3, slated
for early May.

-- Andy

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