Re: [Nautilus-list] eel compilation problem

Darin Adler wrote:
> Still doesn't sound right to me.
> You typically don't need a dependency on the Makefile because if the list of
> headers changes, then eel.h would also change, and there is a dependency on
> eel.h. And in this case, eel.h did change!
>     -- Darin

So then this system only works if you simlutaneously change both
eel_headers and eel.h.

Try this:

1) printf "typedef enum {\nEEL_FOO\n} EelFoo;\n\n" > foo.h
2) add foo.h to eel.h and
3) make eel-types.o
3) grep EEL_FOO eel-type-builtins-evals.c
{ EEL_FOO, "EEL_FOO", "foo" }

Ok so far.  Now:

4) remove foo.h from eel.h and
5) make eel-types.o
eel-type-builtins-evals.c:4: `EEL_FOO' undeclared here (not in a
eel-type-builtins-evals.c:4: initializer element is not constant
eel-type-builtins-evals.c:4: (near initialization for

6) make eel-type-builtins-evals.c
gmake: `eel-type-builtins-evals.c' is up to date

But if I touch eel.h after that then make eel-types.o works fine.

I think automake wins again.


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