Re: [Nautilus-list] eel compilation problem

on 4/18/01 9:02 AM, Ramiro Estrugo at ramiro eazel com wrote:

> Heres my theory of why this is happening.
> A few days ago, Maciej changed eel to automatically generated gtk
> enumerations for all C enums defined in any eel header.
> Now, the code that populates the enumerations  - eel-types.c and
> eel-type-builtins-evals.c (included from eel-types.c) have a dependency
> on the header in question.  In this case eel-dnd.h which Darin changed
> yesterday.
> So the problem is that the auto generated eel-type-builtins-evals.c
> doesnt have a proper dependency on the headers that are used to generate
> it - even if a little indirectly because of the way works.

It's an interesting theory, but I don't think it's right.
eel-type-builtins-evals.c does have a dependency on eel-enums.defs. And
eel-enums.defs has a dependency on $(eel_headers). And $(eel_headers)
includes eel.h, which was modified.

> How to fix it ?  Anyone have ideas ?  Maybe its as simple as appending
> $(eel_headers) to the dependency list for eel-type-builtins-evals.c (and
> maybe the other auto generated files) ?

$(eel_headers) is already in the dependency list for eel-enums.defs, which
is in the dependency list for all the other auto-generated files.

    -- Darin

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