Re: [Nautilus-list] Nautilus vs. gmc.

2001-04-17T14:28:41-0500, Brandon Wilson ->
>     Well, i've got a bit of a delima on my hands.  I'm trying to create a
> secure desktop for remote users to login to, and they NEED filemanager
> access.  However they can't have access to see anything but their $home and
> their project dir.  I need to edit the source for ether nautilus or gmc, so
> when it loads up the ONLY two dirs they see are $HOME and $PROJECT.  Of
> course they can see everything recursive of those, but nothing above it. 
> Does anyone have some function I can replace in the source of eather
> program, perferably nautilus, but nautilus IS rather complex and I can see
> gmc being alot easier to modify. Thanks for any help!
> Brandon Wilson
> Sys. Admin

Please tell me you are kidding! No sane system administrator would rely
on security in a user application, especially not one as complex as a
file manager.

You'd be better off chrooting the users and/or set restrictive
permissions on the other files.


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