[Nautilus-list] NautilusScalableIcon: how to make one?

Hi - I'm working on Bugzilla bug #8063, which is adding a right-click
menu to the "up" button in the toolbar.  I think I have most of my patch
done, thanks to the very clean and easy to understand code in Nautilus
(at least the files I've looked at).  However, the major sticking point
that I have now is actually populating the list of parent uris for the
menu itself.  I understand what to do conceptually, and following how
the back_list and forward_list do has made my job easier.  From looking
at them, I see that they are glists of NautilusBookmarks.  So I am
trying to do the same.  So, I am trying to use
nautilus_bookmark_new_with_icon(const char *uri, const char *name,
NautilusScalableIcon *icon).  The first two are no problem.  The last,
however, is proving to be a problem.  What is the constructor for a
NautilusScalableIcon?  I tried looking at lxr.gnome.org, and asking on
#nautilus, but I was unable to find an answer.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated!


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