[Nautilus-list] [Fwd: Sound issue.]

Hi everyone,

Apparently, someone on #nautilus offered to send the backported sound
patch to Peter at Ximian, but it hasn't happened yet.  Who can take care
of this?


-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Sound issue.
Date: 12 Apr 2001 10:09:21 -0400
From: Nat Friedman <nat ximian com>
To: bart eazel com
CC: Peter Teichman <peter ximian com>

Hey Bart -

Just FYI, we're still waiting on a patch backported to 1.0.1 for the
sound problem.  Chris Lahey said that someone at Eazel on #nautilus
had promised to send one to Peter but Peter hasn't gotten anything
yet.  Chris didn't tell me whom he spoke with.

I would have mailed Nautilus list, but since I didn't know who Chris
talked to, I thought I'd mail you first to see if you could ask around
at Eazel.



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