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If anyone would like to help Miguel with the .gnome-desktop hack
described below, pls let me know or follow up with Miguel directly.

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Subject: Re: nautilus showstopper.
Date: 11 Apr 2001 12:09:33 -0400
From: Nat Friedman <nat ximian com>
To: bart eazel com
References: <m3eluzcws8 fsf lamarck ximian com>
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Bart Decrem <bart eazel com> writes:

> I just sent mail to nautilus-list about this and will try to have an
> answer for you in an hour or two.  

Great.  Also, just FYI, we're having to hack Nautilus up a bit so that
it uses gmc's .gnome-desktop directory.  This is so that users can
seamlessly switch between Nautilus and gmc: a total pain in the ass
for us, but we've had a lot of users mail us concerned that they want
to be able to use gmc.

Finally, we should talk about branding.  I'm trying to make the
desktop look as little like an advertisement as possible.  We've got
one monkeybutton in the upper left corner (very small; 14x14) and we
have a few optional wallpapers that have monkeybuttons in the middle
of them.  The default wallpaper is totally unbranded.  So, to be
candid, the Eazel throbber looks a bit out of place on our default
desktop.  What are your thoughts on this?

> You guys must be killing yourselves right now to get 1.4 out the
> door no?

God, yes.


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