[Nautilus-list] RPM problems

Is anyone else having problems with the hourly RPMs recently?

Sometimes when we install packages here, the progress bar will get to
100% but then RPM hangs.  Disk activity stops but rpm takes 100%
processor time.  This is only partially re-producable - it happened
every time I tried installing Medusa a few days ago until I installed
strace to try and debug, at which point everything worked.  Just now my
boss had a huge problem getting gnome-vfs to install, with exactly the
same problem.

On a related note, would it be possible for the Nautilus RPMs to not
depend on each other so tightly? For example, depend on gnome-vfs-1.0.1
(say), not gnome-vfs-1.0.1-Eazel-200104100800.  It makes running
Nautilus and Evo snapshots tricky at the moment...


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