Re: [Nautilus-list] Eazel services

on 4/3/01 4:05 PM, Louis Garcia at louisg00 bellsouth net wrote:

> Should Eazel services be made as a plugin to nautilus instead of a requirment?
> As it stands now ammonite has to be built and installed in order to build
> nautilus with --enable-eazel-services tag.
> If you do not want to use their services you would have to recompile nautilus.
> I think it would be better to have nautilus a requirment for ammonite. This
> way you can just install ammonite if you wish to use eazel services.  Further
> more if Sun, RedHat, or anyone else want to create their own services they
> could write their own pluggin and just install it.

We do want to separate the services. Not to get rid of the ammonite
requirement, but to make it easier to update the services. Building them
into the Nautilus source tree was a mistake.

It's just a matter of time until we can work out all the technical details.
New services are being done in separate packages (using the reef framework
for the most part).

    -- Darin

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