Re: [Nautilus-list] nautilus development

I've noticed the nautilus-1.0.1 is part of gnome-1.4. Is this an official release or just a snapshot?

On 02 Apr 2001 17:20:55 -0700, Dan Mueth wrote:
> On 2 Apr 2001, Louis Garcia wrote:
> > I've noticed the the last current snapshot of nautilus was on Mar 30,
> > has development stopped?
> I'm not sure why we haven't had any hourly builds in the last couple days,
> but development definitely has not stopped.
> > I am still having trouble with my file system. Everytime I'm in
> > gnome-1.4 with nautilus and shutdown my root partition does not cleanly
> > unmount and upon startup a fsck is forced and some bad inodes are
> > cleared. This does not happen when using gmc with another user. This is
> > why I suspect nautilus or gnome-vfs. My system is RH7 with kernel-2.4.
> >
> > Anyone know when nautilus-1.0.1 will be out and will it be part of
> > gnome-1.4 final?
> Nautilus 1.0.1 should be out late this week or early next week. It will
> not be done in time for GNOME 1.4, for which packages were due last week.
> Dan

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