Re: [Nautilus-list] List view colors

on 3/31/01 6:55 AM, Nicolas Mailhot at nim rousalka maisel2 rezel enst fr

> What the hell happenned to tree view colors (I'm using
> 200103301642 RH7 nightly) ? What bright mind decided it
> could override/change gtk theme colors ? The background is
> darker, the highlight lighter (problematic since the
> highlight font color is white on my box).

I thin the tone of this paragraph sucks. Is there a need to be insulting? I
might just as well say, "What bright mind thinks this is a good way to
communicate with colleagues in the open source community?"

> I don't want the tree in tree view to look differently than
> the dozens of other trees in my gnome apps. Should I fill a
> bugzilla entry ?

This was a side effect of other fixes we made to the tree view. I asked John
Harper to change it back; it should be the same as Nautilus 1.0 after his

Note that the Nautilus list view overrides the GTK theme colors in the same
way. A bug report about either or both problems would be welcome, and would
help ensure we get this right in a future release.

    -- Darin

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