Re: [Nautilus-list] Top 21 Nautilus Feature Requests

Alan <alan ufies org> writes:

> Anyone remember playing around with EFM before it was consumed by the e.17
> project again?  It had, IMO, the absolute BEST integration of a file manager
> into a GUI environment.  I realize that efm and nautilus' goals are nowhere
> near the same, but the thing I liked best was the shell integration.  


> I know that nautilus is not going to be EFM, or even a better EFM, because of
> the methodologies of the two different projects.  However, the above is what I
> consider the best kind of shell integration.

Actually, a feature like efm's is almost exactly what I proposed on
the gimme list. Several people followed up and said they'd love to see
a feature like that.



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